Are store closures paving the way to a high street transformation?

It seems like every week another major retailer announces a flurry of impending store closures, with thousands of jobs affected. 
With high rental fees, decreasing footfall, and the rise of online shopping, it comes as no surprise that stores are closing down – but does this mean the high street is about to go through a seismic change? 

How much staff absence is costing you (and what to do about it)

You know that staff absence is costly. But how costly? And what can you do to drive those costs down? Every HR leader understands the impact of absenteeism only too well:

Can HR really lead business transformation?

We’ve all heard the buzzwords. HR transformation. Mass globalisation. Robotics and AI. The agile HR leader. But what does it all actually mean? Are they over-used terms with no real meaning for most HR leaders?

More work needed to increase awareness of Disability Confident

Disability Confident is the Government’s flagship scheme to address the significant gap in employment between disabled people and those without a disability or health condition. Launched by the DWP in 2013, it is designed to remove barriers and ensure disabled people have the opportunity to secure employment in an environment which is supportive of their specific needs and ambitions.