How to avoid a World Cup own goal this summer

While we won’t often admit it, many of us have thrown a sickie at some point in our working life. Claiming to be unwell, faking a doctor’s appointment or inventing a family emergency to blag a day off work may not be professional behaviour, but it is common.

How much staff absence is costing you (and what to do about it)

You know that staff absence is costly. But how costly? And what can you do to drive those costs down? Every HR leader understands the impact of absenteeism only too well:

Can HR really lead business transformation?

We’ve all heard the buzzwords. HR transformation. Mass globalisation. Robotics and AI. The agile HR leader. But what does it all actually mean? Are they over-used terms with no real meaning for most HR leaders?

Q&A: Recruitment and Disability

Employers can find it difficult to know where to start when recruiting disabled talent. AdviserPlus, in partnership with the DWP, has produced some Frequently Asked Questions designed to help employers to attract, select, recruit and on-board disabled people.

Executives must listen to HR on mental health

Mental ill-health accounts for more sick days than ever before – and 79% of HR professionals believe their senior management underestimates the seriousness of the issue.