3 great ways to improve performance management

You can’t eliminate staff underperformance. But you can change how you manage it – and in doing so improve morale, retention and your bottom line.


Could a skills gap hold back HR’s digital revolution?

An overwhelming number of HR professionals fear that there is a shortage of digital talent in the industry. AdviserPlus conducted an exclusive survey of people in HR to gauge the current state of digitalisation, and 75.6% of people asked told us that they feel there’s a lack of digitally literate professionals.

3 thought experiments for retail HRDs

Who will weather the storm on the UK high street? Retailers with imaginative, proactive HRDs… In recent months we’ve seen long-established retailers from Toys R Us to House of Fraser announce either a fall into administration or far-reaching store closures. 

Employment tribunals: How can your business avoid a red card?

With the World Cup and Wimbledon in full swing, businesses might be worried about the impact these major sporting events will have on workplace absences. While throwing a sickie might be a one off, in some cases it might be a sign of something more serious - and this could lead to a tribunal.