3 thought experiments for retail HRDs

Who will weather the storm on the UK high street? Retailers with imaginative, proactive HRDs…

Employment tribunals: How can your business avoid a red card?

With the World Cup and Wimbledon in full swing, businesses might be worried about the impact these major sporting events will have on workplace absences. While throwing a sickie might be a one off, in some cases it might be a sign of something more serious - and this could lead to a tribunal. 

Bipolar disorder in the workplace: what do businesses need to be doing?

Approximately 2 in every 100 people in the UK have bipolar disorder, but bipolar is still considered to be a taboo subject. Even superstar Mariah Carey, who recently decided to speak out about her experience with bipolar disorder, highlighted her constant fear that someone would expose her. 

Beyond capability: Why line manager confidence is key to HR transformation

Successful HR transformation isn’t just about giving your line managers more power. It’s about helping them use it more confidently and consistently.

Are store closures paving the way to a high street transformation?

It seems like every week another major retailer announces a flurry of impending store closures, with thousands of jobs affected. 
With high rental fees, decreasing footfall, and the rise of online shopping, it comes as no surprise that stores are closing down – but does this mean the high street is about to go through a seismic change?